Space Pulp

It's got colors!

RPG Stuff

I sorta developed a kind of RPG thing. The rule book takes pretty much forever to do, but I'll post random crap here.


As a note, in the RPG all the players play bounty hunters. It's a pretty combat-heavy game. If you want to do noncombat stuff in the Space Pulp universe, then, um... just go ahead. You don't really need rules for that.


Character Sheets


Shark Lake doesnt actually do "combat", so she's only level 1.


Technically, Maybex is probably level 3. But for low-level characters I just went ahead and made them play-ready. IE, level 1.

Dragon King's a good starting character, with a combination of gear and talents that makes him able to be effective both offensively and defensively. His real claim to fame is his exceptional endurance: he will have a basically infinite supply of hit points at higher levels. Still, a shotgun + mow down is nothing to sneeze at.