Comic 99 - Gunk and Bruises
6th Nov 2012, 12:38 AM in Monkeys
Gunk and Bruises
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Author Notes:
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Way-hay, a shower scene!
User comments:
Yay! Everybody is naked scene! It's been so long, I've missed it so much.
Ayata's so shiny. Iri needed a shower the most, though.
Hooray!, nakedness. Though sexiness can be contented.

Shortly thereafter starts a group make-out session. ;P
this is a great page love the casual atmosphere and im guessing none of them really have much modesty :D
Love the second panel, bleh. Hehe. hard to feel sexy with alien guts and blood all over the place :). but someting ttells me this is almost an aphrodisiac for Poison Monkeys. that a Star Wars reference?

Great page, by the way. And sexy at that.
Hooray for a lack of clothes!

It was due.

Yeah, Meddy. I don't know if it is, but I vaguely had that feeling too.
I approve of people not in clothes. Pulling chunks of guts and blood out of hair, not so much. I guess you could call it a bonding experience though. Ayata is pretty as ever even with the gore. With Iri it enhances the looks. I bet money she's more comfortable covered in the grime of battle than not

And I already like Rhythm Riot.
Yeah, Riot looks very happy in the first panel.
Much luv. :)
Yeah open nudity and a four person bath scene! Clear all missions should end this way.
I have been away for a while but it looks like I came back to a great page :)

Now I just have to go back through the archives and catch up. lol.
It could just grow that way.

Poison Monkeys, amirite?
View, you're pretty darn good with figures y'know?

I really like Iri's face in the first and second panels, the linework just gives it such a well defined shape.
Some days are better than others. The trick in those panels is that it's a nonstandard angle.

Most people draw faces at 45 degree angles. So drawing them at any other angle adds some flair.
I'm wondering about that hunter's code. View, could you please share the basics if you don't plan on putting them in the history?
Good answer xD

"Why didn't you do this?" "My beliefs which are unknown to the audience forbade me!"