Comic 98 - Guts!
4th Nov 2012, 6:41 PM in Monkeys
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The problem with fighting giant monsters is that they either take a whole chapter, or you write them out in one page by showing condensed highlights.

User comments:
Disadvantages of Swordy-sword:
-Potential issues with ranged combatants
-Effectiveness is proportional to number of intact digits
-Large laundry bills
That second one applies to all weapons though. Which is why you should always be sure to make strikes with the heel of your palm if you need to at any point try and fire a gun afterward.
You can lose a couple bits and pieces before firing a gun gets too hard. Just leave the index intact. At least your dominant one. Even then it only takes a little reeducation.

Humans are fucking pliable.
It's nice how a few grenadez turned an unwinnable battle to a curbstomp. Either that or the excruciatingly long sequence of psycher dodge-because-being-at-the-end-of-that-appendage-means-death was left out.
And so is having acid blood like the aliens from the Alien series. Just imagine how uncomfortable it would have been for Iri to dodge that!
It took me forever to actually spot Iridium in that first inset frame, but now it is awesome.
Looks bad!
Smells worse?
New hair conditioner?
How persistent is Ixogen?
The question now is whether or not they try to get out of paying because they used grenades.