Comic 97 - Grenadez
2nd Nov 2012, 9:40 PM in Monkeys
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Ah, I realized that if I had finished a few days earlier, these could have been Halloween-themed! OH WELL.
User comments:
My pumpkin is still fresh, so thank you very much!

"Meat" (!)

(What was that about no explosives near the main reactor?!)
And very elegant and effective looking explosives they are too!
It will be interesting to see if they were "too close to the main reactor" as they were warned about .. well, that Iri was warned about.
Don't know if she passed the warning along to the others.
"Maybe if we close the door again it will just ignore us... fuck."
Sooo .. this "genehorror" label ... is that a description for genetically mutated horrors in general, or for this specific monster in particular ?

And can a smugglers den be considered civilized space ?
And finally, what is Ixogen ?
Genehorror is a label for any genetically abnormal monstrosity.
Ah, the hallucinogenic drugs Iri was talking about back on page 87 ?

Also .. Space Magic! :D
Odd, most drugs I know of have been considered space-magic.
heheh love this page ! gernade ! when it doubt PURGE WITH FIRE! ( no seriously .. lots of damn fire ! )
I love that last minute pluralization of Grenade.
Just remember. Once you pull the pin Mr. Grenade is no longer your friend.
Well, in this case they're fired from a gun, but the basic idea is the same.
I love your non-conventional uses of panels (or lack there of), it makes the explosions seem particularly jarring, which is how explosions generally should be.
I'm still working on it, but there are some subtle and not-so-subtle tricks involved.
You know you did a good job on the grenadez because they seem magically brighter than the back-lit soft white of browser nothingness. You pulled that off well on page 77 too.
Well, I fake you out by using soft grays instead of whites most of the rest of the time. It helps that Chrome and Firefox do that, too.
Hmm. Almost like Lawmakers (Grenade, 2 second fuse I presume). I get the feeling that thing may not be as damaged as desired. But one can hope it's kibble. Also, does Ixogen CAUSE that sort of mutation?
No, biomorphic psychers do. Ixogen just makes them go fucking crazy.