Comic 96 - A Monster
1st Nov 2012, 11:23 PM in Monkeys
A Monster
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User comments:
I'm still trying to make sense of that last panel. The skinless lives up to the name.
That is appropriately terrifying.
Is it just me, or does the monster have a "wha?" face

Also, View, are you aware one of your... earlier, comics is getting a bit of attention on reddit today?
I don't really keep track of Reddit and 4chan, but they pop up there fairly often.
You're work seems to be admired quite a bit on multiple sites.
Yea a posting of Cheer on 4chan is how I found your comics. Which are equally fantastic by the way.
I can't seem to find that post on Reddit, which comic was it for?
I know one recent post was for Cheer. I've been trying to get the word out about Nevermind the Gap too, as that's my personal favorite
Interesting so far, god now I have to join the que and wait for updates! Why couldn't this comic haven't been done before I found you too.
Don't think of it as having to wait for comics, think of it as being on the cutting edge!
Ummm View, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!? This thing can't be a bug.
Whoa. Yeah, referring to the reddit thing. That lead me to read (and re-read) a whole bunch of your stuff in the last 24 hrs. And you went ahead and updated Space Pulp while I was getting caught up. My brain is now super tired, and satisfied.
Im only aware of Cheer, Never mind the gap and Space pulp. What else can I read by View?
There's also Les Comic on Hentai Foundry (very porny), and then there's Crater High (Safe for work)
The fitting song or the next page:
"Yay more Poison Monkey bright colors I wonder what's behind the OH GOD FUCKING CLOSE IT NO NO NO!"

The stark "light flooding a dark room before your eyes adjust" is pretty much spot on, and the changing style to more aggressive and unrefined really gets the point across, in addition to tearing any previous non-negative mood a new one.
I personally thought that the last panel was all "Hey, I'm busy eating here, can't you come back later?".
Woah, that monster thing is really freaking creepy! I'm not used to getting startled by comics, but you managed to pull it off, good jorb!
Vaguely reminds me of Aliens in that last panel...

In the Poison Monkey language, is the smiley face a "yes"?

I love how you did Iri's hair in this page!
Really, hm? I actually redid it because it looked terrible the first time, but ever since I haven't been able to figure out the brush I used.
I don't always LOL, but when I do it's because of elevator Musak.

view you got me in the first panel.