Comic 95 - Two Soldiers
31st Oct 2012, 10:55 PM in Monkeys
Two Soldiers
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When super powers aint enough, add technology and poison monkeys until the problem either solves itself, or blows up ... or both. :)
wooo more monkeys for the grinder ! *giggles* excellent page !
If you gave a hundred poison monkeys a hundred space-typewriters and left them at it for a hundred years, what would you get?
A lot of very gory diaries, laced with incomprehensible white stix ramblings. :D
Oh, oh god this is good. "We have an abomination that could kill everyone!" "How about we send in poison monkeys?" "I guess that would work-" "Yeah that way THEY'LL kill everyone with collateral damage!"
Gorman: Look, we can't have any firing in there. I, uh... I want you to collect magazines from everybody.

Hudson: Is he fucking crazy?

Frost: What the hell are we supposed to use, man? Harsh language?
Are the poison monkey soldiers as ... "special" as poison monkey hunters are ?

ie. do they have some sort of soldiers sense or some weird stuff like that, or are they just tough ?
Iri doesn't have any unusual abilities for a hunter. Poison Monkeys do have a few minor species advantages, but mostly they're just kinda crazed.
Seeing how Poison Monkeys behave and how other species view them, I'm constantly reminded of that short short story where an intergalactic group is studying humans and Earth, and how we're the only species/planet to survive in this sort of Bermuda Triangle in space that makes everyone go insane and kill each other into extinction. Turns out it doesn't "affect" us because we're all already fucking crazy by intergalactic standards.
There are quite a few "humans are freaking crazy" stories out there.
I wonder if the warning signs in this world are just made to look like Poison Monkey clothes.