Comic 92 - Count
28th Oct 2012, 7:50 PM in Monkeys
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What a pain in the ass page.
User comments:
A real hunter, a destroyed temple, hmmm... getting some more flashback soon methinks (hopes). I managed to notice a trace of cameltoe on panel 2, verification anyone?
If it is, you'd better keep your tent flaps tied down tight!
Looks more like butt to me, since we're looking up at Iri in that panel (her face seems to contradict the point of view though).
Just a little bit of positive critique: The background of this page is a harsh contrast in comparison to the previous pages, which had all pretty dark backgrounds. Don't know if this is what you tried to do.

I hope you get my point, sorry if I couldn't make it any clearer.
I'm glad you said something. Viewing it a page at a time I missed it. I think maybe it represents Iri waking up from being unconscious.

Like, the panels float out of darkness, they have a page of transition, then the background's all bright.
Wouldn't they be four million short, or do alien thumbs count as fingers?
Where money's concerned, a bloody nub is a bloody nub, with a few sensitive exceptions.
You know, in Italian, and I'm sure in many other languages, while there is a word for thumb, it's still counted in the fingers. We don't really distinguish too much between those appendages.
Then again, some languages use the same word for leg and foot.
Pleased to meet you. Hope you guessed my name.
The uniform is missing the burned part on its left (right of the panel) from the thing she was shocked with.

Of course, I'm imagining things.