Comic 91 - Duh.
26th Oct 2012, 10:14 PM in Monkeys
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I know, you're all shocked. Completely shocked.

This chapter is partly about establishing Iri's level of strength, and part of that is establishing that she is, in fact, quite strong.

But... she's not invincible.
User comments:
Well, they had it coming !

The uniforms I mean .. they tried to display her butt as fat !
I like how you managed to display shock and awe in an insectoid's head.
heh I LOVE the effect you used to show her sword movements .. excellent job! *claps*
also how many Gee's is she under at this point?
That's a really cheap effect. Just flat color at 70% alpha, layered a few times.
Did anyone else notice not only did Iri free herself she also wrapped a wire around one of the insectoids?
She wants something, if she is taking hostages...
If the going rate is a million a finger, how much is a nose full of Ixogen?
Is everyone done with commenting on the implied gravity, or did no one want to be the first to comment on Iri's butt sagging?
I'm curious about where she was keeping her Light Saber(?), Beam Saber(?), Sword Of Light(?), Energy Blade(?). Stop me when this gets annoying.
Being able to teleport your sword to your hand means never having to carry it around unless you want to. :)
IMO, I like the whole cliche of stuff hiding between breasts myself.

ooOooooooooohhh .... breast hidey spaces !

Imagine, a species with extra large breasts that can hide stuff in them!

Now this has to happen!
Like instead of Acme Black Holes they have infinite cleavage.
Undead H3r3tic
Damn look at that sumbitch go, he haulin' ass!

He come by my house, I kill it!

That little bug thing just got jinked!

Damn Swordysword, you scary!