Comic 90 - Tied Up
25th Oct 2012, 10:11 PM in Monkeys
Tied Up
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Hot pepper pepper pepper hot hot pepper hot pepper pepper hot hot...

hot hot pepper pepper hot pepper...
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hot pepper ?
... you need something to drink, huh ?

Also, yay, new page ... and is Iri about to be unreasonable?
Sure it goes something like this: Space car dealer says "I'll take no less than 10,000 credits for her" and Iri response "You'll take take 6,000 because you already agreed to it in the future." To which he replies "No I won-argh!" and Iri cuts his leg off.
heh .. I wonder who taught her how to negotiate .. by body counts. :D excellent touches...
View, just how high is the gravity there compared to Earth?
Gravity diminishes by the square of the distance from the center of mass, roughly speaking.

Unlike a planet, these are super-high-density masses with a tiny volume.

Right now they are around 200m from the core of the gravity generator. Before, near the edge of the station, it was around 1000m. The gravity here is therefore roughly 25x higher than it was at the surface.

About 3g here, or around 0.12g at the docking rings.
So if I understand correctly, the gravity there is three times that of Earth?
How does Iri survive? At 4gs, blood pools in your feet and doesn't circulate to your brain. So at extended times in 3G it must put a serious strain on her body
Perhaps her suit has a built in mass modulator, that would probably work, right?
VIRGIL, you can do what fighter pilots do and force the blood out of your limbs by squeezing all of your muscles.

Or you could do what Iri does and be an alien.

Either works.
But pilots can only do that for brief periods of time and she was unconscious. Buts it all a moot point now. Also disk miss a detail saying that Iri was a non human? Cause this is the first I've heard about it.
There are no humans in this universe. Iri is a Poison Monkey.

Humans are really weak to non-earth gravity because humans evolved without exposure to any significant gravity changes. Even the human species, if it was left to evolve on its own for a few hundred thousand years in space, would develop the ability to operate in unusual gravity with relative ease.
Clearly, Poison Monkeys are humans riddled with plot powers.

Also Iri is a badass.
Now I really see the conditions for her poor boobies. They're gonna need some TLC after this!
I can see it now...

Iri: "Massage!"
Jagi: "Sigh..."
Ayata : But Iri, isn't Jagi's scaled skin really uncomftable ?
Iridium : Why yes ... yes it is ... Ayata, massage !
Ayata : Erhh ..
Jagi : Freedom!
Ayata : *sigh*
I'm guessing antface speaks using yet another set of phonemes, doesn't he?

Also, how much money should we consider a credit? Like, is ten million enough to buy a small spaceship, or what?