Comic 9 - Help
20th Jul 2012, 10:37 PM in Crash
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Somewhat less saturated dragon:

Yeah, their suits have microphones in them! AMAZING!
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Grey Garou
I've never seen an ambience like this for any sci-fi comic. And with only nine pages, too. I do enjoy how you "seed the story".
I love that green alien with the hood. Does she have a name?
Ayata is the second Hei linguist to appear.*

EDIT: Or not!

*(I think. Different colored eyes anyway. Are the Hei a matriarchal culture?)
Ok, I'll just adjust my CRT then, thank you! It's probably an example of chatoyancy anyway.
I like the colors. The alien eyes are simple but awesome looking on everyone. I still would like to see what Iri's hair would be like in a little darker of a shade of red, but that's just me.

By the way, could I ask for a little addition to the avatar you made for me? Could you add Carol to my avatar with the robot doing something with him? Kissing him, posing with him, whatever looks good that makes her interactive in the picture. That way every time I open my trap (a lot) I can see one of my favorite characters!

When you get a moment to breathe that is. I can wait for it. I just ask now because I dont want the NMG style to get out of your system then spring the request on you. I know it can be hard to go back and do something particular after you've completely moved on from working in that way.
There's no room for Carol on your avatar. I guess I could draw you a new one.
Not a big deal, but I don't know when I'll get around to it.
Oh yeah. Take your time. I know you'll deliver so I won't bug you.
Alternatively, we could just add some color to your avatar .. shouldn't be too hard .. heck, I'm sure even I could wing it.

Edit :

Simple Colors !


I reckon I could change the white background to the same brown/beige colors that's on Spacepulp, if you want me to.
Wow! That's pretty damn cool but colors aren't all that important to me.

Now I feel bad if I don't use it though. You can color my new one and I'll wear it with pride!

Aw, don't feel bad for not using it, I had fun with it, so it's all good. :)

Besides, I accidentally made you half poison monkey / robot. XD
How about having Carol pose for one of these and display it on your noble jaw?
Just because they can hear it doesn't mean they want to deal with it!
Ayata moves very delicately. I'd wager she's quite nimble.
I bet folk dancing* is a big part of Hei culture.

*(As in synchronized swimming.)
I love the effect of the shadows cast from the bars.

Alright, let's try this new de-saturated avatar out.
I have to admit, I find the layout of this page significantly weaker than the previous ones. Too much empty white, and distractingly random spacing between panels. Perhaps, if the outer panels at least had a consistent space between them and the border of the page it might help?
Sequential tension building perhaps? Instead of flow; drip... drip.... drip.. drip. (?)
I totally disagree. I think the structure of this page breaks the typical comic book monotony and creates an interesting path for the eye to take.
I Do not mind the structure, per se. Just the spacing. Now if no one else has noticed, then View is obviously doing just fine. :)

I just work in a field where visual consistancy is incredibly important. So important in fact, that even if two things measure out to the exact same, but do not LOOK the exact same, I have to adjust things till they look perfect, even if i have to visually "cheat" to do so. So it just pops right out at me.
I'm just experimenting with comic panel layout. The last comic series was so gridlocked.
Personally I'd let them hear it, then do it 2 days from then, or maybe 2 hours before.
"If we do things by the book, hours could seem like days."
Ha! I just love how the guards are looking at each other. You can almost hear them thinking, "Oh shit...".
Something high energy and low residue?

EDIT: In reference to the Uni-stoopers, that is.
The planet is mostly water and swamp, so they eat things that grow in waters and swamps. Their version of rice is the primary staple.
You know, by how alarmed the troopers are, you'd think Poison Monkeys primary way of fighting was... poison poo fling.
Well, view did say this was going to be a "SO GRITTY" story... Maybe the danger signal is when her eyes turn brown!
I've just noticed the first guard's hips... womanly? Is there female troopers as well as male? Or at least, the alien race's equivalent?