Comic 89 - Zap
24th Oct 2012, 9:18 PM in Monkeys
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but not a simple page this time.
User comments:

Do they treat all the girls that way? Heavy!

(And high gravity hair!)
I noticed the hair too! I like how it is clearly showing the effects.
You all noticed the hair, but not the collar? Or the boobs?
Didn't think Iri would like her saggies pointed out!*

*(That's my story/sticking to it!)
Liking the attention to the results of the high Gs. Are the skinless dark dwelling too, or did they just turn out the lights to nab their elevator victim, ignoring the fact Iri sees it coming?

edit - Iri.... Flabby? Damn, them skinless be mean...
They can see really well in the dark, so they keep it pretty dim all the time.

Unfortunately, Iri can not only see perfectly well in the dark, she can see the freaking future.
At least they'll get to enjoy their false confidence before the paining.

I really like the hair detailing today. Simple but explanatory.
I really like her confident smile and knowing glance just before she walks into the zappy-thing. :)
AND I FOUND IT. I am a good reader!
Intentionally getting captured so that she's brought to her prey. Clever girl.

I wonder just how obfuscated her sight of the future was, or whether she simply didn't want Ayata to worry that she was knowingly walking into a trap.