Comic 87 - Night Hunt
22nd Oct 2012, 10:22 PM in Monkeys
Night Hunt
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Fun with colors!
User comments:
An excellent page noir!
Thank You.

(Wouldn't all those hallucinogens impede whatever it is that 'the monster' is trying to do?)
Quick Ayata! Now's your chance to do something unpredictable!

Honk Iri's boob; no wait!

Honk Iri's nose; no wait!

Do something that's meant to be reassuring, but because of differences in culture and species gives Iri the wrong impression and kicks off a comic-spanning romance!

Yea, that last one!
Oh my gosh I totally forgot to write lesbian sex into this chapter.

Well, maybe later.
Oh, view~!

You're so wacky and unpredictable I can't tell if that's a joke or you being serious.
I see you remember yesterday's lesson.
I think I could get behind "honk Iri's boob" though.
One does not simply... "forget" to write in lesbian sex.
Something about Iri and the colors in that last panel. Awesome work today.
Hmm, it's kinda wobbly-paced and wibbly-lighted, but I learned a lot.
The more I look at it, the more I think panel five would make a fine portrait without the speech bubble.
It's a really cheap trick. I've always wanted to try it.
It came out pretty well too. :)

Also, Panel 3 is awesome as well, loving the shade on the hair.
I'm not sure I counted correctly. I'm referring to the small panel on the bottom left.
Very pulp noir.
I really like what you did with panel 6 -- also, Iri can start fires with her pinky?

Also going back through the comic and reading the comments definitely make things make a bit more sense.
Fun with shadows!

Is Iri lighting her cig with her pinkie?

Panel 5 is nice. Reduction is fun to do, but not always easy.
Yes! Introducing another Iri power: the ability to create teeny-weenie fires.

She's a psycher, after all...
She has done this before on page 12. :)
We also talked about it in the comments on that page, using theories like "Using coalescenced anger she convinces the air around the whitestix to give in to the heat of a million suns!" and View just said "Magic" ... pfft.

View also claimed he would not shade Iri as good as I did back then due to time constraints, and now, on this page, he's kicking my ass up and down the spacewalk! I feel so inadequate now. :(
Well, it's turning out some pretty good results, I think.
I'm particularly in love with her hair in panel 3 ... you nailed it in that frame. :)

Well, whan I say nailed I don't mean with a hammer and nails, offcourse ... that would be .. bloody.

Ugh, my mind just went an unpleasant place. :(