Comic 86 - Strip Club 2
21st Oct 2012, 7:00 PM in Monkeys
Strip Club 2
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Fun with colors!
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"...can't make things any worse."


(Is 'skinless' a slur or a description?)
Mystery solved, everything's clear!
The perfect answer to a question you don't understand; Yes!
hehe excellent as always good sir! :D you are improving in leaps and bounds..
But without the exploding spacestations.
Who wants to bet this monster hunt turns into another wacky adventure where Iri takes someone out of their element?

So far it seems to be a theme, considering Ayata and Maybex.
Concentric arcs connected with perpendicular lines! I can't tell you how much I love those / doodle them inattentively. I also love answering "or" questions with "Yes". Purple is also my favorite color. This seems like a lot to be happy about on an exposition page. Good job, everyone! (Mostly view. It's all pretty much your fault. I hope you're proud of yourself.)

Ok, now that I've stopped being silly yet honest. So, our new purple friend here. She's got catfish whiskers and what I'm assuming are nostrils at the top of her head (allowing her to expose as little as possible when surfacing for air). Along with the bubbling speech bubble in yesterday's panel, it seems safe to say she's aquatic in nature. Have you come up with a name for this lovely lady's species? Is it as revealing as "skinless"?

I'm kind of bummed I missed yesterday's discussion. There was methods of sexual selection and waterfowl, and a combination of the two - all topics I only claim to be versed in once I'm sure present company actually wants to discuss it. This is probably the best comment section for a web comic out there. (Prequel is engaging when they start disagreeing, but watching the emotionally invested get upset isn't really "fun"). It's too bad and kind of ironic I'm saying all this right now though, seeing there's probably been less than 100 words before me. I suppose it's my (and your) punishment for me reading these during the 3 AM musing time.
You forgot ... purple nurple is kinda naive .. he/she asked a poison monkey for help and doesn't think it can get any worse.

There's much to be discussed, including exploding penises.
Which are not allowed near the main reactor.
If it helps, I mostly get comments while I'm asleep and can't respond to them at all.
European me :p, this is made in the USA right? From what i've seen on this site it's mostly comics from over there.
Who has special powers that can make machines go *boom* ... and also not allowed to use explosives near said machine.

This isn't so much a Checkovs Gun, as it's Checkovs Explosion waiting to happen.
Anything possibly Chekov makes me giddy with anticipation
Oh, I have no doubt it can (*will) get much worse. Exploding penises might be a surprise, but only barely.
The unpredictability is what makes this comic fun to read, though we as the commentors do tend to go over the top in guesses.
Nonsense, wedon't go over the top ... just because I just saw a cat with a viking helmet and someone naming themselves Virgil, doesn't mean we're over the top. XD