Comic 83 - Art!
17th Oct 2012, 9:14 PM in Monkeys
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This is a cheap page, but I wanted to do this extended shot.
User comments:
Well, she's about to have a WHOLE LOT of other thoughts as well. XD
An alien Chippendales!? ( ) One wonders if it dress right or left…
LOL.... I had to stare at that for a minute before I realize those were pants the anaconda came out of. Possibly because I tend to scan for text for context first rather than looking at the pictures >.<

I'm glad you update daily cause I'm loving the comic and can't wait to see where we're going now that we're getting to know the characters better.
Yeah, this chapter is mostly character development. And, um, violence.
Violence is a given. We can't go anywhere without violence.

Also, if Ayata is evolved from something that is similar to frogs, she probably has an atavic fear of snakes. Anacondas or similar things were probably her ancestors' worst enemies.
Hahaha. It's always better to go to bed happy. Thank you.
Iri's gonna harass the poor dancers. The poor guys don't stand a chance.