Comic 81 - Days Later
15th Oct 2012, 9:55 PM in Monkeys
Days Later
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Playin' with paintin'.
User comments:
Well damn! I guess you should have seen the other guy...

A very effectively designed page. Thank you!
Nah, that's not really fightin' damage. That's fallin' and scramblin' damage.
No wonder she's not smiling!

Never seen Ayata grumpy either.
...Why does that last panel look like the setup for some awful gritty space sitcom?

Also, how does Ayata get that ring on with her webbed fingers? Is there some sort of piercing?
WOW .. im really impressed with the injurys on Iri .. O_O and yeah i was wondering about her hands too :P *claps* take a bow sir !
More playing with coloring and light!


Also also, are the piercings full rings? Does that make taking the arm gloves off any harder?
The gloves detach from the rings. Actually, it's more an optical illusion that they are attached to the rings in the first place - they just use the same holes in her webbing as the rings do.
What's the method of attachment then? Some sort of clip made from semi-rigid future-cloth? Velcro? A simple loop might work provided it's super-stretchy. Considering her race is supposedly "primitive" by future standards I'm assuming it's tied string, but guessing is fun.
This is an awesome page. It has a Sin City feel to it.
"Days Later"
Would Ayata's somewhat less than serene temperament be due to an increased familiarity with SF bureaucracy?
Or, perhaps, indoor living is wearing on her. Or both perhaps...
ahahaha! nice. xD
I really really liked the dark panels.
Heh, Iri's face in the last panel has all the markings of "Argh, bright light!" to it.

It makes me wonder, how good is her night vision ?
I know you have mentioned before that her eyes reflect light like a cats, so I'm guessing her vision is at least as good or perhaps even better ?
Her night vision is extremely good, although that's not necessarily true of all Poison Monkeys. There are cats that bump into stuff in the dark, after all.
Fair enough, are we still talking about the regular light spectrum, or can she see part of the infra red spectrum as well ?

ie. is it "true" night vision, or just boosted normal vision.
Well, "regular" light isn't. Various species can see different wavelengths.
This looks great. The dark panels are great, and the transition to light works so well. Great job!