Comic 80 - I'm Off
14th Oct 2012, 3:34 PM in Monkeys
I'm Off
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ok thats a creeptacular moment for Iri LOVE the close up of her eye the delicate lashes are fantastic !!! *looks for a 6 button*
Unfortunately, it clashes with coloring. In fact, I don't even know how to do a close-up of Iri's hair, as you may have noticed.
Dem eyes view, DEM EYES!
Seriously though that glow is just... poisonous (hehe sorry), i like the close up a lot, and looking back at previous art i've decided that i like the close up of the hair, but distanced it just looks like a weird brown helmet, one that changes shape a bit.
I think the hair looks exactly as its supposed to. It works very well.
It seems Iri's hair gains redness as she becomes more emotionally involved (interested) in whatever she is up to at the moment.
Oh man, Iri just dodge a bunch of long boring meetings and beaurocracy. :D
Can you get back to draing porn?...i would love to see whatever kink the little fireball is into.
she has such a great face on this page. AWESOME JOB VIEW!
Crazy cute and/or crazy/cute.

The pages have been so dynamic lately. Nice to see a variety in detail.
When her smile is happy and not evil she is quite cute!
I do believe that smile should cause a great amount of fear in all who see it. That or a collective "d'aww".
The way you can consistently come up with new, interesting, and creative designs for aliens is absolutely amazing!