Comic 8 - Meditation
19th Jul 2012, 10:42 PM in Crash
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Here's some icons!


Skull thing:

Side note: she's not exactly meditating.
User comments:
Well she ain't masturbating either.

I'm waiting for her eyes to change color
@Sebine: How can you tell? Female Helex Primans may be mysterious creatures!
Only males go to prison and immediately start masturbating on everything. I know these aren't humans but they're still primates so I'm sure this rule still applies.
Did they take her Whitestixs away? Could be a problem right there!
The eyes in panel two are badass. I notice there are no pupils for her, not ever I don't think. I'm wondering just what her eyes see. Its probably a power and not a disability though?
Well I like 'em! Even if they can't do something cool like see through metal. Or melt metal! I can't wait to see what happens when they do change.
Radiation induces cataracts. Could be an evolutionary thing?
This pair of Uni-stoopers seems to have a more than passing knowledge of Ms. Lake. Is this from personal experience, or does her reputation precede her?
Why am I thinking Iri is a Super Sayan now?
I'm holding out for her secret power being the sublimation of intense annoyance into hyper-kinetic energy. I also suspect that radioactive sulphur isotopes play a role in buffering the effect.
I was wondering that myself. By the color and the fact they change with her mood. At least I took it was some kind of mood change view was implying they lose their "fire" with.
Sweeeeet! Awsome Avatar, thanks View!

Hmmm, I wonder if Iri's personality changes when she uses her powers? Ala Hulk, or if her powers can even be used at will...
Although, they say she has been "meditating" for several hours, so either her powers require special conditions (such as her building up an internal charge) or if she is waiting for some external situation... I wonder which it will be.
Hm, now that I see it, the saturation is really high. I might post a different version with the next page.
Looks fine to me on my monitor. We probably have differnent contrast/saturation settings. For example I can not see the swirling colours someone mentioned in Iri's eyes (they still look solid radioactive green to me). But I do a lot of photography and have my monitor calibrated to more closely match printout. Not sure if that puts me above or below the average for saturation.
Considering that they mention meditation and seem to think it's bad, it does seem as if she's charging her lazors !
Ok, I have a couple of questions that I hope you can answer View. First off, the guards. why do they only use one eye to see? Do you have an cultural background on these races?
Oooh, would you be willing to share that information?... please?
The jumpsuit Iri's wearing... is it prison apparel, or is it her own clothing? Is it functional, or just stylish?
Why are they freaking out? She's just checking her email.
Maybe she's going through radiation withdrawal. Like she needs those whiestcks or bad things start to happen.
I like her character a lot already. Very rounded. Super cool.