Comic 79 - Embassy
12th Oct 2012, 11:52 PM in Monkeys
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This page took waaaay too long.

No comic tomorrow.
User comments:
The page overall is allright, though in the first frame, your arch nemesis - Perspective - Is at play again!
Though it looks like it's a frame you used a considerable amount of effort on, the multiple shadows and the high lights of ceiling fixtures is a very nice touch.

I agree with the others though, you can be a bit too critical on yourself .. but then, which artist isn't ? This is called The Awesomeness Gap ! <---- this must be read by Meeester View.
Well, it's not really perspective. I tried one that had perspective, it looked craaaaaazy.
There's always beureaucrats ... everywhere ... they are very tasty when barbequed. :)
Iri looks to happy passing through the bio-scanner. She up to something. Something more that usual. You know what I mean.
That purple dude looks like he talks real loud or real annoyingly.
It might just be the way his alien mouth looks, but I am also imagining him yelling every word he says at the top of his lungs, like an outer-space version of Loud Howard. (Oh, I miss that old Dilbert show...

The fact that the other security officer only says short, seemingly quiet sentences helps the contrast. :P
Basically, the embassy is a shithole embassy in a shithole station. He was exiled there because he's annoying.
Hmm, but we know that Iri already knew of the Temple's closure, and she seems totally unconcerned -- surely she has a plan! Well, either that, or she just doesn't care much, because nothin' will stop her from flyin' around, having adventures and killing things, regardless of who her employer may be.
General sorta question; are telepathic powers especially common among poison monkeys (since every one that's been mentioned has super powers)? Obviously they aren't the only race to have such given the flashback where that individual clearly had powers but wasn't a poison monkey.

Are any races natural psychers or is it a kinda mutation/phenotype that arises among the races sorta equally?
It's not telepathy. Other than that, you can think of it as vaguely similar to the Force and Jedi in terms of how it occurs.
What weird fanfic version of Star Wars have you been watching?
I'm not sure, but it gave me nighmares. :(

.. luckily there was a pretty neat motorrace in some hover cars to distract me from the horror. :)
I have to recognise this thread really made me laugh. Fanfic xD
Eep, was totally using the word telepathy to mean "general psychic stuff rather than it's actual definition.

That answers the question though, thanks ;)
Are secure zones 'zones where psychers have their powers restricted' or 'zones where psychers are far enough from us to hopefully not be able to mind-kill us'?
Just general secure zones, like embassies and top-secret labs and stuff.

There's a lot of ways to prevent a psycher from using their powers, but they're more or less the same ways that you'd use to prevent a bodybuilder from being able to strike muscle-man poses.

So you just consider all psychers to be heavily armed at all times, and you don't let them in anywhere that you can't carry an assault rifle.
We haven't seen many places where assault rifles are absent so far. This should be a refreshing and remarkable place!
Do these embassy guys all appear to have generally canine features to anyone else?