Comic 78 - Names
11th Oct 2012, 10:36 PM in Monkeys
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Let's do a page of faces!
User comments:
Good contrast can really make a page pop out in a good way. :)
I'm kinda surprised she even know what giraffes are. :D

Ah well, it's marginally better than LongNecks. Looking forward to see what she decides to call her people.

On a sidenote :
Ayata is looking very nice in todays comic. Loving the 4th frame. :)
She doesn't know what a giraffe is. It just sounded goofy to her.

She's got to pick something her people will generally approve of.
But .. buut ...

If she doesn't know what a giraffe is, how does she know it's not an incredible cool thing ? Like .. griffons, or dragons !

I can just see it for me ... Iri and Ayata in front of an assembly, with Iri being .. "helpful" :

Assembly : So, Ayata, we have come to the matter of your species name, what are they called?
Ayata : Space Dragons !
Assembly : *raised eyebrow* .. space dragons ?
Ayata : Yes !
Iridium : Pfft, no they're not.
Ayata : are tooo..
Iridium : Their native name is the equivalent of "mud people" or "swamp dvellers".
Ayata : .. nooooooo ..
Ayata : Don't listen to her, she lies! we have totally cool names.
Iridium : Mud People
Ayata : no
Iridium : Mudlets
Ayata : noo
Iridium : Mudkips
Ayata : No!
Assembly : Could we be serious here for a moment ? What is their real name Misstress Iridium Lake ?
Iridium : Oh, I'm sorry, it's actually Mini Giraffes.
Ayata : *shocked expression* ............
Assembly : Very well, let it be known that Lady Ayata's people shall henceforth be known as Mini Giraffes.
Ayata : *gurk*
*big applause*
Assembly : Lady Ayata, are you allright ?
Hrm ... Purple Tongues ?

And while we're at it, isn't that the first time we see her tongue ?
All the playing around with the lighting is nice. I really liked the last cell from yesterday's page, too. The brightness was really good. On a related note- Jagi! Quit absorbing all the light! It's really selfish! Reflect some of that shit!
giraffes are just stupid long horses