Comic 77 - Artificial Sunlight
10th Oct 2012, 11:22 PM in Monkeys
Artificial Sunlight
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You know, now that I think about it, Iri seems like the perfect kind of person to hunt monsters.
It's pretty much been her job since she was a teenager.
Is she the very best monster hunter? That no one ever was?
What does People Eat Tasty Aliens have to do with anything ?
I love the shadows in the last panel. Over all really good stuff.
I have to say, those last panel shadows are pretty nifty. :)

In fact, all environment and clothes shading has gotten pretty good already. Still some way to go with facial shading, but that's improving too. :)
Actually, the facial shading is minimal on purpose. I can spend all day doing facial shading well - it's one of the few things I've actually practiced - but I'd prefer not to spend any time on it.
Ah, so that was what you were referring to when I posted that shading attampt of mine all the way back on .. uh ... page 12 !

Dang, that was only back in July and you're already up to 77 pages ... view, you workaholic, you. :)
"Helex Priman". I like what you did there.

This page is hardly up to WALL OF TEXT levels.

I could swear her suit used to be more... I wanted to say blue but then I went back to check and it was the yellow that had changed.

Her hair keeps getting darker and darker red and less orange.
I'd like to say it's intentional, but the truth is I'm just dicking around with colors.

The yellow is on purpose, though. When I realized that Ayata had a BRIGHT yellow hood, I realized I had to dull down Iri's costume.

I'll probably keep tweaking the colors, so don't be too surprised!
I figured as much.

I do like Pinkie all around so far. Another great character.

I noticed Iri's eyes here too on panel 3.
I also noticed that Iri's hair has gone all brown ... is it on purpose ?
Do poison monkeys change haircolor at will ?

Eees eeet a deeesgaaiise ?
No, it's me being bad at color.

Originally, my drawing monitor was very dark. Recently, I upped the brightness. To me, Iri's hair is the same color as it used to be. But I'm drawing on a brighter monitor...
*considers it for a moment*

Bad monitor, BAD !
Don't mess around with View's coloring ! >:(
O-o yeah soo not a wall of text - excellent page though and with that touuge iri could make LOTS of friends ( oops sorry did i say that !!! )
Note - I said COULD - still shes adorable in a strange psychopathic way :D
Loving the comic. The Poison Monkey's you created constantly pique my interest. I do have questions, if you have the time to answer.

The hierarchy mentioned in the previous page, what is it based on, lineage, power, skill, or something else?

Their official name, "Helex Priman", is that a pun of some sort or play on words also why don't they like that name? A reference to their past they wish to forget maybe?
They don't like "Helex Priman" for several reasons. The first is, it's just the name of their star. They don't like the idea that they should be named after some catalogue somewhere.

The second is that there are three other races named "Helex" something, since it's a "constellation" of 11 sister stars.

The third is, as you'll discover tomorrow, they think you should get to choose your own name.

The heirarchy is going to have to wait for a while, I'm afraid. It's a plot point.
Ahh, I see. I can't wait for the reveal. You have me waiting with strained patience.
Another application of the shed mass technology is non lethal crowd control. For example, if there are violent riots unfolding, the police or military force can cast a mass gain blanket onto the crowd, causing them to all fall on the ground where then the forces can easily subdue the crowd and situation. Also, depending on the range of this technology or the individual device it can be used as an anti-fighter weapon. For example- can cause crafts to plummet to the ground within atmosphere or if you increase the power output enough, can cause crafts to implode outside atmosphere.
I think View mentioned on an earlier page that most ships have measures against that.

On a sidenote, making elevators must be easy !
I thought of something else: safe building demolition. You can cause a building implosion with minimal collateral damage. Also EOD
Building demolition sounds cool too. :)

.. what is an EOD though ?
Explosive ordnance disposal. Implode and bomb or make the gravity so high the compression wave can't escape the field. Also
1. Manufacturing of super dense materials
2. Noise nullification
3. Cooking
"Rapid density fluctuation" or RDF is a common way to demolish things like explosives or unstable chemicals. The "wobbling" causes a lot of physical stress which usually causes the system to break down or react.

Manufacturing is interesting. I didn't really think about that.

Not sure how noise nullification would work. Density doesn't have a whole lot to do with noise damping, AFAIK.

Cooking, hm... a giant crock pot could weigh an ounce, but otherwise how would it help?
With noise nullification, you can create a denser than usual air barrier/bubble that would block the sound waves. Crank it up to 11 and you can block compression waves from explosions n such. As with cooking, I'm a cook by trade so I just thought I'd throw it out there. Maybe a way of pasteurization or killing bacteria?
Dense air actually transmits sound better than thin air ... go up on the top of a mountain and shout at your friends and see how far away they can hear you .. you might be surprised.

Still, it's an intriguing idea.

In fact, add some baffles of sort, kinda like curtains, and it might work nicely.
Well, the device can only change the mass of a resonance envelope. Something like a blanket, you could have the walls of the envelope be the top and bottom layer of the blanket, and put the device inside somewhere.

But in order to affect a ship with an external field, you would have to surround the ship with a resonance envelope.

A few things have been tried, like a gossamer net thousands of kilometers wide, but the problem is that space is just too freaking big.
@View but can you overpower another field if you have greater output when you can ground or place your device; i.e, a turret?
Fields are additive, but I'm not sure I understand your question.
I think he means : Can you shoot "gravity granades" at others using this tech ?

They'd basicallty be micro-spaceships with their own generator and "keel" ... imagine a small granade the size of your hand, it could weigh as much as the generator could make the gravity field weigh ... say, 5-10 tonnes ... that could royalle mess things up if you shot it at them at 2-300 miles per hour.

But, could they overpower a spaceships own gravity field ?

... ok, I think I got a little sidetracked there ..
Sure, kinetic kill drones are a core part of the SF arsenal.
Ah, but kinetic just implies high speed and natural mass .... so you'd have super dense gravity assisted kinetic kill drones then.

... that's kinda hard to say ....

Still, kinda cool. :)

Btw, can this mass shedding / increase be used for anti gravity means ?
ie. could you make hover cars or anti-grav tanks with it ?
Or how about floating sidewalks ?
Could you part the se... no wait, that's a different question altogether.

Anyways, I know the previous vehicles had wheels on them, but that doesn't cancel out the possibility of hovering cars, they could just be very, very expensive and limited to the filthy rich.
Hovercrafts and aircars have mass shed capabilities so that they can be lifted using very little power. There's a risk of wind buffeting you around, though, so at high speeds and in windy weather they have a higher mass and use up more energy.

You can't go to negative mass, but you can go to lighter than air. Most space ships still use rockets to reach orbit, but if you were patient you could float to the upper atmosphere on pure buoyancy.

You can't have floating sidewalks without some kind of magnetic anchoring, but as you can see in this chapter, you can have very spindly sidewalks.
Ah, neato - That makes sense.

And since power costs fuel, wheels are still the basic mode of transportation for vehicles since it uses less energy ?

And spindly sidewalks is still pretty cool. Heck, maybe with this fancy technology we can finally have massive skyscrapers with trains running trough them, as envisioned in some veeerryyyy old films. Then all they'd need would be some bi-wing airplanes zooming about and the picture'd be complete. :)

... oh wait a minute ... the flying dutchman would be possible in that future ! How cool is that ?
Sorry what I meant is say there is a fighter destroying your city you need to get rid of. Can you use a shed/gain mass generator to overcome the ships field, increase it's mass, and cause it to plummet to the ground?
It would have to fly into a physical envelope. You can't just arbitrarily extend a field, it's based on a physical envelope.
This isn't a wall of text. At all. I like that the language is called "poison tongue". That's a term as sexy and dangerous as Iri's species would be expected to have!