Comic 76 - Sidequest
9th Oct 2012, 10:56 PM in Monkeys
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The Poison Tongue sounds like a cross between Swedish, Chinese, and rock ballad. Very few other species can understand it even a little because it is so weird and relies heavily on both pitch and tempo.

Which happens to make it an excellent way to encrypt communications.
User comments:
Oh kay, massive props View .. nice way of doing the language .. and love the shading on this page...
Thanks, I tried some new techniques, which is always iffy.
He called her Lake, and she grimaced.
Is there some rivalry here?
She doesn't like giving favors... she's about ten ranks above him in the heirarchy.
I'm really starting to love the Poison Monkey culture. If humans needed to be archetyped among the intergalactic community, and creative ambitionists is taken, 2cool4u rock stars is a good second choice. Not to mention it's pretty much just a specific flavor of the former.