Comic 75 - Hi there
8th Oct 2012, 6:26 PM in Monkeys
Hi there
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He looked so good in the sketch, but... :P
User comments:
This gentleman prefers a more straightforward approach? :P
Hmm... red eyes, pointy teeth, facial markings, heavy eyebrows, hood(s)... darth maul is that you?
Couldn't be more different? So this one actually has... a personality! D:
Just pulling at strings. Though there already has been a lightsaber like weapon so far, i just like to pull off very... [insert word of choice since i couldn't find one] references.
Well, he's actually the weakest poison monkey we'll meet, and he's veeerrrrrry patient and cunning.
...Info collector guy, Lurk in the shadows sort? Guess i'll just find out.
Hey, they have a perfectly good word for that. It's "spy".
That kind of people are also called "Dirty old bastard" and "pervert" in the modern world. :D
Yeah, the creepy grin, and saying hi there to the defenseless young girl doesn't help either.
"He looked so good in the sketch, but... "

... now he looks like Laurence Fishburne.