Comic 74 - Silbus
7th Oct 2012, 9:00 PM in Monkeys
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Free-painted backgrounds. Hmmm. This will require quite a bit of practice, I think.
User comments:
Captain obvious to the rescue. The hair changes once again, i'm also having a bit of a hard time working out what i'm looking at...
Are you looking at the phallic structure just below the dome window with the moon on the other side?
Don't be silly, what are you guys talking about? It's like you're talking about a completely different panel than the one I put up...

Oh my, look what I found!
B-but... there was a... a thing... ._.
if it's any consolation bellar, that still doesn't look like a moon
You know, being all black and all, it took me a while to understand he was facepalming with his eyes closed. And by the way, for being aliens, they have amazingly human gestures, expressions, and reactions. Then again, if they didn't, it would be pretty hard for us to follow the story comfortably, wouldn't it? And now that I think about it, animals more or less express fear, anger, delight etc. with expressions similar to humans'. And the aliens in Mass Effect that are incapable of expressions and as such express their feelings in words whenever they say something are a bit annoying to talk with.
Lets not forget that all epcies eems to have the same ancient ... ancestors. Some things would be alike.