Comic 73 - Cover
6th Oct 2012, 5:53 PM in Monkeys
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As most of you know, I'm kinda playing with the colors and designs as I draw, so they tend to drift over the course of the pages.

I thought I'd make it explicit. Here are two different thoughts on the facial markings for the other Poison Monkeys. You don't have to choose between them, just give me your thoughts on them.
User comments:
Left markings are definitely cooler.

Right markings look easier to draw.
Right for me, please.
Left looks overcrowded.
Well, I can't say for sure if I would be offended or not, but it seems unlikely.
Left side strikes me as more 'credible' some how. But I can't actually say why.

(Maybe the right is a little overblown. I'm pretty sure their actions will convey their characters!)

Oh! And nobody's going to put them down!
Thanks for putting that song in my head, view!
...and props, cat, for catching it :)

No sarcasm intended, I love The Monkeys! They're too busy singing.

I'm actually old enough to have watched and enjoyed The Monkeys TV series.

I was trying to find the "Nameplate" page to figure out who the front and back characters would be but it's not in the archives or Extras.
Unrelated but "Good Shocks" (p64) isn't categorized in "Jungle" and is thus out of place in the archives.
So, by the names.... Otoni up front and Pinkie in the back, Dragon King on the left, and Rhythm/Riot on the Right?
Nah, Otoni's the smuggler from last chapter. Next is in the front.
Next=young and upcoming?

(And there is a crown on her T...)
First impressions, knowing nothing about personality yet except that Riot is a scientist(?).

I like Next. Cool eyes, black and blue hair, and her face is perfect. I could see that kind of eye scheme work for all the monkeys with their respective eye colors.

Pinkie. Not too much to go off. I like the wicked grin. I'd probably lean toward the darker nose over the dots.

Same with DK. Left over dots.

Am I correct in assuming Rhythm and Riot were two name options? Given the two facial markings I'd go with the lines around the eyes over the lightened nose.

In the end I trust you to make your characters and personalities amazing regardless of my input. I truly am sorry if any of my nitpicking minor artistic details annoys you. I really only point things out I like or dislike, not to say I expect them to change to suit me because this isn't my comic but merely to provide commentary.
There's nothing nitpicky about it, it's the kind of response I was looking for.

Anyway, her name is Rhythm Riot, and she's not a scientist so much as a superhero.
... And people say we monkey around! But we're too busy singin'...

I really like the version on the left, for the pretty contrasts!
I like Riot's look a lot actually. :3
I can't pick one side over the other, so it's good you suggested against that. For DK I'm really feeling the right. The dots just seem to present a more aggressive, imposing look [not to say that the other doesn't - it most definitely does, just not as much]. Whether those characteristics describe him or not, it works with me, and the name. The dots also go better with the bars on his chest. As for Pinkie, I like the darker nose personally, but either works because I appreciate seeing some continuity in the patterns, either with DK or Iri. If every pattern would be different, I feel it would lose some effect, as it plays a unifying role. Poison Monkeys' hair is already a strong diversifying tool, so it's nice to have the dichotomy. RR just plain kicks ass, but I personally like the eye hatches. She seems like the type to be into self-personalization.

I'm really looking forward to seeing these characters develop. If they behave as awesomely as they look, it'll be a good ride. The reference also made me really happy. Thank you for that.
Both sides seem to lack a consistent style to mark them as part of a group. I don't feel that they even look all that different, either, so it's moot for me. I just haven't commented since halfway through Gap. Wanted to make myself known.
Well, it's not a uniform. Anything that looks like a human is a Poison Monkey.
personally i don't feel that i'd be able to take Dragon King's left look seriously. i much prefer the dots.

same thing with Riot's bright nose on the right look.

other than that, it looks awesome.
is that thing that Riot is wearing a scarf or a tie?
I've really liked the sorta "smeared" lighter or darker noses. Not as wild about the facial (tattooing?), or at least not as a replacement for the smeary noses.

I do generally like Rythem's make-up/tattooing in the left picture though.

*loves teh poison monkeys*
I think it really comes down to whether a funny-colored nose is an acceptable visual trait. I think it might be best not to use them much - they don't have the right kind of visual appeal.
I love em, but I'm seeing the opposite opinion posted here so yah... I was surprised other people aren't liking it as much >.<
Well, you and I have the same taste in that respect, but I don't have so much of an attachment to them that I'll make my comic less accessible just for the sake of having funny noses.
It's pretty cool as a stereodrawing, like if they had stroboscopic makeup!
If you don't intend to keep both i suggest left.
Purple hair is better on the right, but everyone else is better on the left...