Comic 70 - Goodbye
3rd Oct 2012, 11:07 PM in Jungle
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View, what was up with that maniacally pleased response to my question on the last update?

Did I strike upon some as of yet unrevealed character info?
Who knows. The main villain hasn't even been introduced yet.
Awww man, this is going to bug me all evening.

Do you plot your stories out fully before you start them? I'm trying to tell if I hit upon something existing.
It'll be quite a while before it develops, but the main story arc is specifically about your question.

And I plan things out ahead of time, although not very tightly in this particular comic.
Aha, alright then, I'm relieved now.

Guessing at what 'could be' in a fictional setting is torturous futility. Especially considering the kind of surprise ending your last comic had.
Oh man ... now all of this is going to bug me as well - I'll be seeing telepaths all over the place.
"Pod-bay" Dave or "Not Here" Dave?
I think Ms. Lake is a lot more relieved to be leaving town than she'll admit to.
I love Iri's outfit and yet she needs a reason to take her pants off.