Comic 67 - Checkpoint
28th Sep 2012, 10:12 PM in Jungle
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Reaching the end of the drab smokey part.
User comments:
Well, the last time she infiltrated a pirate base (ship), she slaughtered all the superpowered psychics and damn near killed the legendary pirate king in a single battle.

So the pirates are pretty scared of her.
Damn, Iri's that intense? That's pretty scary.

And heh, Ayata looks kinda "miffed," I guess you can say, that she needs to go topless through the spaceport.

Well, it wasn't as straightforward as it seemed - Iri never fights unless she's read far enough ahead to know she'll win. Mostly, she just ruptured loads of steam pipes in their faces.
she does look miffed Iri stole her clothing ! I would be too!
Ironically fierce pirates!

Of course, Unity makes almost everyone else seem like the good guys.
Ha! Maybex! At last a name to put to that mohawk tuft!

That was probably an inappropriate phrasing.
Maybe-X ?

Anyways, seems like her floppy mohawk in panel two picks right back up in panel 4 ... maybe it's the hat hewears ? :)