Comic 66 - Spaceport Approach
27th Sep 2012, 10:35 PM in Jungle
Spaceport Approach
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Author Notes:
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Urgh, bad day.
User comments:
Oh? More disguising? Ooh, this should be very interesting~
(Sorry to hear, may time dilute difficulties.)

Between the disguise and the distraction, they should get in just fine!
ooOooo .. nekkid Ayata ... she will serve as distraction ?
heh more likely shes VERY well known and wants to hide that mane of hers .. well im glad Ayata doesnt seem to have modesty issues but she does look a might annoyed !
sorry to hear about bad day :(
It's the far future, and people have not yet learned to shoot hooded guys on sight?

This world needs more re-releases of Assassin's Creed.
These are pirates. They'd run out of pirates pretty quick if they did that.
I'm guessing that being a lidar tech doesn't require much in the way of observational skills.
Ayata is _always_ losing her clothes.