Comic 65 - Mo Hair
26th Sep 2012, 10:31 PM in Jungle
Mo Hair
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User comments:
Oooooh death stare.. Iri looks so cute in the last panel great job !
Well, any girl willing to wear skulls and chopsticks is A-list, yeah?
I still can’t tell which panel is the sexiest. Panel 2 is rather primal sexy and panel 5 and 6 are a NEO punk boys dream.
'skulls and chopsticks' > 'skulls and bones'
Iri exhibits her improvisational skills and indulges in a celebratory chain pull too!
Aw, poor lidar tech. She just wanted to go into her pirate office, do lidar tech stuff, maybe have her mohawk-tuft complimented by that cute guy in management.

But no.

She's stuck driving around a crazy poison monkey with absurdly sexy amounts of hair, feeling like her mohawk-tuft is inadequate.
maybe its because I am a gu, but I didn't realise the "catfightisness" of the last 2 panells untill I read that comment.
Heh, I've spent too much time in the company of girls to miss it. My only question is how aware Iri is that she's spitting in the poor lidar tech's face with her comment :P
While there's definately some catfightyness there, I think there's also a bit of .. attraction to that sexy, sexy hair. :D
That last panel expression. It's like a small breasted character has just been told how much back problems big boobs cause.