Comic 62 - Turn turn turn
23rd Sep 2012, 7:06 PM in Jungle
Turn turn turn
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Author Notes:
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I hate the color on this page, but it was still fun to make.
User comments:
Ayata in the corner pocket! The Action is getting nicely exponential.

Miss Bonetie Pirate is quickly developing a distinct personality.

Is your feelings about the color subjective, or is it something specific?
I can see where it would be hard to avoid the blues...* (Make that chartreuse.)

*(Sorry, bad pun!)

Seems that there's no such thing as space seatbelts in space cars.
I hope Ayata didn't have too much to eat. She doesn't look that hot. :(
yes, maybe even a little <i>yellow-green</i>
I must acquire telepathy one day, so that i can do awesome stunts like this!
But you don't need telepathy to drive like a maniac!