Comic 60 - Impenetrable Disguise
20th Sep 2012, 8:54 PM in Jungle
Impenetrable Disguise
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User comments:
I like her best in her the panel before that one, personally.
I don't think you would if you actually met her. Cute Iri seems like one of the many expressions you'd want to avoid at all costs.
Still .. Iri managed to look CUTE !

And then the universe trembled. XD
I wonder what it was that gave her away?
Could it have been that notorious Swordy-sword!
So, I'll assume that Strakh's original face was kind of similar to this? Honestly, I think his current face is an improvement. I don't see why he's so upset he lost it.
The joke here is that she isn't disguised at all, right? Right?
All poison monkeys look the same. Well, to these guys.
To be fair, how common are poison monkeys?

It could just be that the exact same few poison monkeys keep appearing.
They're reasonably common in the space near their homeworld, but they've only been in space a short while.