Comic 59 - Battered Ride
19th Sep 2012, 7:19 PM in Jungle
Battered Ride
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Author Notes:
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Oh, hey, we see a close-up of a pirate!

I love the skull-n-crossbones bowtie. I call it a "bonetie".
User comments:
Sadly I do not think that bonetie pirateyness is a capable defense against Swordysword's murder-everything-ness.
It probably isn't at that.

But it's still a neat name .. BoneTie. :)
Pirate King Strakh runs a more impressive class of Troopers. Much better sense of style!
Thick chaos probably provides good psychic cover.
We see Iri 'powering up' in panel 2. Where did she have Swordy-sword stowed?
In her pack all the way back on the bridge?!
How large a summon range does she have?
For Swordy-sword, there's no particular range limits.
I agree, very impressive.

I'm guessing it takes more energy to summon it from afar, than from nearby ?
I wonder if the arrival time is variable by distance too?
Think I prefer Ayata over THAT alien race. yeesh.
Oh, if you want to live in Space Federation Space, get used to them! They're one of the more populous species.
Looks like I'm gonna boycott Space Fed. Space, then. Is there an "Outer Rim" or "Terminus System," so to speak? Basically, what's the space OUTSIDE of Fed. Space called?
Yeah! Boycott! Just look at those things with their beady eyes, and gray skin and... and impressive bust, and seductive curvy hips and...

Wait. What was I doing again?
The speciesist term for them is "meatballs" or, in the case of people like you, "gray meat".