Comic 58 - Cityside
19th Sep 2012, 12:25 AM in Jungle
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Sick as a daaaaaawg.
User comments:
There's no such thing as too wet!

ok .. I laughed at that comment.

I'm easily amused. XD

And more White Light
All through The Night
Please be Alright!

Be sick as a cat. You'll get over it sooner.
Lies, my cat is never sick ... it just accidentally pukes in my shoes. :(
That's a mean mop of hair. You really have to work to get it to lay down. Unless she had some space age gel in it to get her earlier style.

And take it easy man. Don't make yourself more sick. Just sit around and do nothing for a while. Like the test of us! Lol
She uses a special dispensary brush. So, yeah, gel.
Undead H3r3tic
View, how often do you get sick? It feels like you get a cold at least once per chapter.

I'm starting to feel a bit concerned with your wellbeing ;)
Aw, I don't get sick that much. Normally it's broken fingers, dental surgery, and other non-disease-related problems!
And just how many broken fingers have you had since the beginning of this comic?
You all should know, that being a webcomic artist is the most hazardous job on the planet.

Webcomic artists have more ailments than the rest of the population combined ! Whoever cures them off all afflictions at once will earn a price in medicine, I'm sure of it.
2 things, 1. Sorry you're sick, hope you get to feeling better soon. 2. Yay alien boobies. The exact reason I play Mass Effect.
"We're not safe yet."

Very nice pages, these last two.
Why is there an angry face at the bottom of the staircase?
I thought the alien was taller than her? Why is she way short in the last panel?
Iri is leaning into/on her (perhaps accidentally)?

They seems to be generally the same height on average, but I'd say in more of the pages Iri is a wee bit taller.

On a related note, going back over the earlier pages shows how quickly your coloring style has changed/improved, view.
I agree, just looking at Ayata, you can see the improvements in color already. :)
Iri is looking pretty damned beefy in today's page. You weren't kidding.
To be fair, everyone would look beefy next to Ayata. :)