Comic 56 - Aircar
16th Sep 2012, 4:20 AM in Jungle
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The page is early!

Because I LOVE COLORING SO MUCH. And because the best song in the universe is by the Seatbelts.
User comments:
And indeed it shows so very clearly!
I hope you know how much we appreciate your dedicated creativity out here in the old dark night!!

Iri says, Time to run aways!!!

Distinction noted: She is diving into the sea of possibilities!
I wonder .. is a sea of possibilities wet ?

Sidenote :

Goodbye scarf, may you have a long life and exciting adventures !!
B-but her scarf is still with her, she only left her glasses behind.
OMG ... you're totally right !

I have wronged the comic gods .. nooooooooo!!

I love the way Iri is carrying Ayata in the last panel. xD
Ayata seems very "carryable" : Ayata the Handbag !

... erhh, I mean .. handmaiden. XD

Sidenote :

At the airport ...

Steward : "Only one luggage, please"
Iridium : "What ?"
Ayata : "I think he means me."
Iridium : "Oh hush, luggage."

I think View's coloring is improving quite nicely.

Also noticed there's less and less cellshading, and more and more freehand coloring. I think I like that development, it's more ... organic ? Can you call it that ? XD
Anyways, it fits View slightly loose lineart, especially when it comes to the characters, it has better depth.
Alright here's one for all of you: How does an encounter between two people who can predict the future end?

Just as expected.
1) Predictably boring.
3) A huge fight!
3) Chess with kittens.
"Unstoppable force, meet an immovable object."

That's how.
Is Ayata being thrown inanimately underarm hilarious hyperbole, or is she just that light weight?

Also, panel 2's hair is really great. The extra detail for the spotlight contrast really worked.
I know I know!!! Her pre-cognition is limited to (x) kilometers around herself.... at least is WAS...
I think Commander Kax is finding Ms. Lake at this point.
Which Seatbelts song currently holds the top of your list?