Comic 55 - Supapowa
14th Sep 2012, 9:38 PM in Jungle
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Her superpower is shapeshifting hair.

Oh, and seeing the future too, I guess.
"Don't worry", says bait, her wide amethyst eyes full of innocent trust...

EDIT: Justifiable Faith then.
You guys all say she's so naive.

Folks, the stupid-looking hair monkey can see the future and kill everyone with space magic. Ayata just knows that much.
Oh it's not that.

It's that she runs off with a mass murderer as if it's nothing at all, and expects no danger to herself or others.

I guess Catservants "justifiable faith" might be more fitting, but still - a bit naive, I'd say. :)
see future, teleport small, complex objects to herself...hmmm...

The "bait" comment makes me believe she is seeing a future option that involves more mahem.


I'll just leave this here...
Welcome to the team second craziest hair guy(as in the second craziest with hair)! I'm sure you'll die horribl-I mean have lots of fun.
Heh. Bait. I wonder if that will become a recurring theme?

Love the backgrounds today. The colour pallet reminds me of fall. And the little details on the vehicles, and concrete are great as well. These pages where everything has shading/texture are amazing.
It's always weird to hear this, because I paint at the fastest speed I possibly can. Those "details" are literally just five seconds of me going "vip vip vippy vip".
If that is all it takes, then that is great! It does not need to be 'detailed' to be 'detail'. If that makes sense? Putting any kind of texture into what could otherwise be a featureless lump of solid colour, really ties it into a scene, gives it character. If you can manage that in a 5 second series of wrist flicks. Then I would say this daily practice is doing wonders. Of course, it helps that you seem to have a good eye for it. I doubt I could do the same in 10 minutes that you say you whip up in 10 seconds.

But, now that you have said how easy it is... I'll hold you to that :D
My 2 favorite comicfury contributors, view and Centcomm, in the same place!!
..and I'm not a girl... nor young...
If Star Wars had Ayata instead of Jar-Jar binks, everyone would have said the Phantom Menace was a 10/10 movie.
Ayata wouldn't have been stupid enough to fill the plot needs.
Oooooh that was a class 15 plasma burn thre view ! dead on target ! :D @GeekPrime hey I know good sci-fi when it see it :D
Agree. Jar-Jar was George Lucas' worst. Creation. Ever.

For lolz, see here:

(Jar-Jar at 3:25)