Comic 54 - Hair vs Hair
13th Sep 2012, 10:19 PM in Jungle
Hair vs Hair
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There are some other hairy species. The king of which is probably these guys!
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Actually I would have totally said the same thing :P I love puns, especially bad ones. Lol.
Ms. Lake must have been away from home for quite a while now if she's feeling nostalgic.
And thus her brief nostalgia trip comes to an abrupt end.
*deep breath* Ahh! Ashes falling from a burning sky, just like growing up!
Love your avatar, SpaceMonkey.
One of my favorite cult classics.
That fellow appears rather ill-suited to such a warm climate with all that hair. Is it even hair, or fur?
Technically, it's neither: both of those are earth evolutions. It's just something... hair-ish.
Still digging Iri's outfit. The cigarette and her posing makes it all the better.
Apparently I'm very fond of both the first panel, as well as the extremely hairy life form.
I am really digging the colouring job on the "mane" of fur, it's subtle but effective. Specifically in the last panel. It just looks SOOOO soft and FLUFFY! And a new style for Iri too, I see. *looks back at last page* alright, not TOTALLY new. but still slightly different. I like this variation better than last page. But compared to the wavy line style of page 51... I dunno. Both "work" as a technique extremely well. No nitpicking there. I just can not decided which style of hair I actually like more. This one comes off as more of an "afro" frizz, and the earlier one (when she is first getting into the car) more of a "perm" frizz, i think? I am not terribly well versed in hair styles.

I dunno, I would have to say I like the "perm" style more personally, but this new "afro" style suits Iri better, and is more in keeping with your previous descriptions of her hair type.

I feel kinda silly commenting on hair all the time in this comic. Lol. But it is where I notice your colour experiments the most. ah well.
There's no part of the coloring that isn't an experiment, excluding Jagi's skin.

I haven't decided about the hair. For now, though, I think it'll stay like this. Until she jumps in the sea.
The colours are improving so much. :D

The comments section wants me to type in the King's English. XD
Hey view, TOTALLY off subject (apologies in advance) but: is this you

? Looks like your style...?
I think I got the link off 4chan somewhere. Where is the official comic so I can OFFICIALLY give you hits and credit (don't mind clicking a few ads if it helps?)

Oh and by the way: I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!


Never click ads for me. Any ads you see are run by other people: I run no ads, and profit from no ads. That's why I don't really care that it's gotten 3 million views on a pirate site.

The original is here, although the content is more or less the same:
I've already told people off for hero worship - I don't need that, either. Moderation.