Comic 53 - Ash
12th Sep 2012, 10:28 PM in Jungle
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Author Notes:
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I decided to try variations on the same painting thing for this scene. If you hate them, don't worry, they'll be gone after the scene changes.
User comments:
really nice skys .. I hope Iry goes back to the other hairstyle :D but awesome coloring - you are getting better all the time :D
She hates this hairstyle, but her other one doesn't handle wind and water at all.
The color is particularly rich on this page. Very nice indeed.

Ashes, ashes, all fall down...
I enjoy the smoke in panel 6.

My only critique is that the smoke in the last panel could be more diffuse. Is that what you were referring to as far as potential hate?

Aw, aint Ayata just a sweet girl ?

She'll make a fine ambassador for her planet one day. :)
Wel, this page certainly takes on different implications than previously...