Comic 51 - Truckin
10th Sep 2012, 11:32 PM in Jungle
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More color experiments!

... My handwriting is terrible today.
User comments:
That t-shirt again!

Iri's let her hair up again. Tres Chic!
She didn't have much choice, it was clear it was going to be mussed.
When I look at the last three panels, I think disco-afro-cop-women from cheesy disco-afro-cop films from the 70's.
That's pretty much the whole Poison Monkey species. It's just that Iri isn't very Poison Monkeyish. She'd be the Carlton of the Poison Monkeys, if you know what I mean.
Wait... what?
No, I just can not wrap my head around Iri being to poison monkey's, what Carlton is to Will. That is just...

*Starts flailing arms around and singing*
"It's not unuuuusual!..."

*Head Explodes*
Oh, Man, Iri is so uncool it's not even funny. She's so uncool that she kind of... wraps back around again, you know?

I mean, she runs around in Temple underwear all the time with her hair all permed down, and she never does anything theatrical...
Never does anything theatrical ?

You mean, like, crashing a survival pod into a lake ?
Fight a goddess to the death ?
Bust out of jail ?
I've been in love with poison monkeys since you first described them. They're pretty much the best race ever.
It'll still be a while before you see them, but they play a pretty major part in the story.
excellent page Ayata's expression in the last panel is just pure shock! :D irls all "its ok "
"Hey, I've saved LOADS of planets, babe. No worries, right?"
And then Ayata gets on Iri's star-motorcycle and then the ride off into the stars.
Heh, I think ayata finally figured out how big the stakes really are.

Light Tank fire indeed ... just wait until she sees heavy artillery fire, it'll mess with her mind.
Now THAT is some good character design. I love it!

Also I'm left handed, no one has been able to read what I write since I learned to form words.
The color on the last three panels, very nice. Depth and curves, perfect compliments to your art. The glare of Iri's eyes through the sunglasses, nice touch.
Thanks. I really liked the eye glow and the feel of the gradients in those panels.
This page looks fantastic View. Iri's hair looks particularly good. With the multiple layers of colours and thick lines. And I have to agree with the commenter above, the geen eyes shining through the glasses is a great touch. And Ayatas expressions are hilarious.
Agreeing with dragon. The last three panels are pretty fucking fantastic.
The car runs on water?
That can't work.
With Tritium perhaps.
Who said that's the gas tank?

Maybe they need water for some other reason?

Maybe you'll find out once I finish coloring the next page.