Comic 5 - Landing
11th Jul 2012, 9:34 PM in Crash
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Looooonnnnnnggggg annnnggggllllleessssssssss.

As you can see, I'm not so good at them. But I'll improve over time.
User comments:
well she cant very well get off the gravcreat .. she didnt bother landing on it :D
Wow. Those aliens in panel two look wicked in color. In fact, having to color everything is making a lot of your drawing in the wide angles look great. Like the backgrounds and the little details. It's!
Well to quote the Adam Sandler movies of yore, "You can do it, [title character name here]!"
Are those heat mirages on the horizon in panels 1 and 3?
They worked enough to reach my not too acute intellectual processing nodes!
Also; Who did the 'Phibbs' annoy enough to get themselves posted to a desert planet?
Looks like they live on salt flats. The way to tell if they live there by choice is to scout for the amount if casino resorts they have.
Whatever their reasoning, someone had to transport them here. At least they won't need dukwboats to reach their casinos.
Am I missing something? Was it said they weren't native to this place?
I took it that way. (Comic 4 in Comment, 2:06 AM))
(Comic 2, panel 4) identifies this star system as 'Erdai Sigma'.
That is a good point. Maybe we can get an expert opinion some time.
Oh! Would you consider enabling the Edit function, or are you trying to make us think on our feet?
It's some new setup. Can you see "delete" options on your comments?
An original comment has 'delete' and 'reply'.
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For what it's worth, 'edit' appears briefly when you click the refresh button.If you are quick enough to click on 'edit' you can do so.
Haha!! Awesome landing there. I wouldn't be surprised if Iridium just walks out of there with a giant grin on her face. oh view, the Carix, I have a question. If they not even discovered radio yet, what is with their head wear? It looks like bio or neural-circuitry.
..... Huh, please excuse me while I go bang my head on something hard.
Heh, reminds me of a small sci-fi novella I once read that had an alien race that was completely enamored with earth's punk culture.
Basically they had natural mohawk hair, so they went nuts with coloring their hair + dark clothes with studs in them.

Eventually, they renamed their entire race to "punks", much to the chargrain of the humans.

All the other alien races thought it was brilliant though. :D
Hahahaha. I'm really looking forward to reading this. Not that I wasn't before. Just saying. It looks fun.

Maybe soon I'll even start offering substantive comments again.
Is there a reason why no one would be swimming in the large lake in the middle of the desert? Or did Iri just endanger/kill a bunch of people trying to relax in the water on a hot day?
A pond a hundred meters from the high-security military launch platform, well within the military compound? Any would-be swimmers are already full of bullet-holes.
Gotcha, Didn't know it was a military complex. I was thinking it might have been a similar situation to star wars episode 4, a small city like Mos Eisley with a small military presence in a civilian spaceport.
Well, that explains why she's intentionally crashing. She's breaching security.
She just didn't want to land at a real dock so she crashed into water. Probably going to suffer repercussions with people who don't like her equal to having docked in the first place?
She did say "hopefully".*
It's possible that Ms. Lake hasn't landed too many escape pods on a planetary surface!

*(Comic 3, panel 5)
It's also quite possible that landing on the gravpad would have a bigger chance of killing her than taking a splash in the water.

Last I checked, concrete was harder than water. :D

Edit :
Alternatively, she just has terrible aim. XD
That's what I think too. If you're gonna crash, choose to crash on something soft.
Water always sounds like a nicer landing than the hard ground.
Always leave 'em guessing.

Stupid side question. How does everyone have avatars? I'm not all that computer literate and I'd like to have a visual representation too. How do you post them when you post a comment?
At the bottom of the page is a link to my host - ComicFury. If you get an account there, you can have an avatar.

If you want me to provide one, I'll be doing aliens starting in a few days.
That'd be swell. I like aliens. Don't suppose you're planning on drawing an alien with a banjo eh? I mean, once a species has already conquered space travel and interplanetary communications. What's left than to have a drink and play bluegrass?
I'll put you on the list. It may be a few days. I have to recover from NMG.
Yar, put me on the avatar list too. I've been here since Cheer... yar.
A skull (x-ray view) with a mechanical or cybernetic or what-have-you brain viewed from the side (ears facing in and out of page).

Gravcrete... is it just silly sci fi tech or are is there a lil' Higgs in its step? XD
I am kinda curious too, in NMG all the tech was really well thought out, but this is a 'pulp' story where rules are usually pretty fast and loose. So, will all the science here be based on fact, or are you gonna screw with the laws of physics :P
At least, i think they were based on fact, is there even theoretically such a thing as 4th or 5th dimentional math?
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I seem to have it and its staying this time. Pops in and out on others posts though so there's probably some extraneous code somewhere, but it functions and that's what matters.
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I haven't studied HTML but i'm guessing that the edit doesn't put in cos of one of these lines, even though it's in there.
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I think it is a dexterity test! 'edit' appears briefly when you click on the 'refresh icon'. If you are fast enough, you can select 'edit'!
I just use the inspector and kill the CSS rule hiding the link.
When she said "hopefully" last page i was thinking: She's not gonna crashland is she? BOOM! HAHA!