Comic 49 - Clear and Precise
7th Sep 2012, 10:01 PM in Jungle
Clear and Precise
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Man, I am tiiiiired.


Couldn't figure out how to make this exchange clear tersely. His boss is just too fuckin' chatty. It's not like his boss can actually do anything action-related like that...
User comments:

You know, at first I thought Iri was meant to be a bit of an anti-hero, and that she was on the "bad" side. Now it seems to have been the other way around all along.
The universe is really a pretty nice place to live. We're just kind of focusing on the sociopathic elements.

But, when it comes to this guy and Iri, their similarities are a major part of the plot. I definitely would not say that one of them is more heroic or villainous than the other.
"their similarities are a major part of the plot"

Sounds like his "invulnerable monster" is going to have a playdate with her "poison monkey". Wink wink, nudge nudge.
Good bad, doesn't matter, he's the guy with the gun ... well, metaphorically speaking at least. :D
"Lets simplify"! Weekend approaching, perhaps an opportunity for some rest?
It's this thing that your comic characters sometimes gets to do betwen panels. :)
Blinks.. wall of text? nah! Seems great as is :D as always ! sorry your tired though...
It's not wall of texty at all. With the subject matter and the flippant way they talk about it so easily, it works fine. This may be one of my favorite pages so far, even!
So the floating green gas spewing orb is an evil, bossy coward. Commander Kax seems to be nothing more than a brute. I also keep hating Unity more and more.
Oh, no. You have made that clear from the get go. I just dictate how much hatred I have for them based on their display of evil. There's just different levels of bad guys being evil. 1987 cartoon Shredder is just funny evil, Dr. Light raping Sue Dibny is, "I want to kill the bastard and burn his ashes" evil. Since I believe freedom is the right of all sentient beings then these evil douche-bags are slowly, but surely making their way up there.
What is Unity's stance on small, adorable puppies?
Excellent cyborg commandos once you implant a laser in their head!
They also make excellent snacks if roasted slightly with a plasma gun. :)
Awesome. :P I like the straightforwardness of this Kax character!
I love panel 5. And I now understand why he wears red. It hides the blood stains.
I just realized that he stands out just like i do in size, a veritable giant, except i'm not about to kill a planets population.
Good news! He's not going to kill the whole planet!

Just one city, probably.
Ah, it's just the whole "is there anyone i'm not killing" thing that i was thinking about.
Hmm. You've sure come a long way in the time I've been following you, view. I went back and looked at some of your old pieces on HF and its sure amazing. Everything was always good but it keeps getting better.