Comic 48 - Moving on
6th Sep 2012, 10:28 PM in Jungle
Moving on
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Poor fat heads. Always living some kind of doomed existence.

So I've been wondering, are those rubber or composite or whatever suits the soldiers wear bullet/laser/plasma resistant at all? Or do they serve little purpose other than being invasive and uniform.
They are excellent against anything that isn't spaaaaaaace magic.
Damn, now they're stuck with the reliable label!
Next thing you know they'll be getting promoted.
Not only are they reliable survivors, they are kinda smart too and they have a keen sense of when the situation gets too dangerous ... ie. when they start to run, it's a good time to make a tactical withdraval.

And they might even be good with paperwork !
Very useful guys to have around, I'm sure.

No way they are getting off the hook now. :D
I don't know about their being smart or having some keen survival instincts. My theory is that they're just traitors here and knew the attack was coming, since the previous page showed one of them stopping the other non-verbally, yet letting their commanding officer walk on ahead.

no pun intended.
I think Ms. Trooper was reminding her subordinate that it was impolite to stare at other female's booties!
I think Bellar is at least partly correct, it does indeed seem like the female trooper realized something was up. I don't think she's an outright traitor .. more like she has one of those "gut instincts" that old soldiers often have.

As for stopping their officer - Would he have listened to them .. at all ?
They know damn well he's an invulnerable monster. He's very famous in Unity.
True enough, besides, them suddenly stopping might have tipped him off that something was wrong, so in the end it might have aided him, rather than exposed him to danger.
Damn. Well, good thing it was not an exterior space wall...

Did big head guy get punched out of the universe? His body disappeared.
I thought it was clear that he'd been hurled more than three feet.
Okay, now I see the smear. Also uses the metric system it's more Science-y.
But I'm not sure he was hurled more than a meter! It's possible he was hurled 0.98 meters.
Feet, foot, fingers or centimeters ... the fathead race seems to be this comics redshirts. :D
I hope we get to see more of those two troopers in the future. Their terror amuses me.