Comic 462 - Ayata Pg 14
2nd Mar 2014, 10:47 PM
Ayata Pg 14
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Sorry about the delay. My hands are still pretty shakey due to an illness, so pardon if the lines are a bit wobbly.
User comments:
I feel like Kellem just shot himself in the foot here. Of all the things he could have said about offering his own for round two, he comes out with that.
To be fair, that's a tough act to follow:

"Hey! I'm small in the crotch department - NO! Wait I mean, it's smaller than your dild- Shit! Uh... I'm not small, but smaller-ish... Crap."
He could say it less negatively, like
"I have something that fits better."
"A better match would be..."
"We could try something else."

And so on.
Unless offcourse he's bigger than Swordy Sword.

Even so, she seems to have reached one of her stretch goals. Next up, Jagi has to produce a copy for Kellem ?
That's the follow up to her asking Jagi for a slightly smaller version. Is Kellem walking up to Jagi afterward and going "Um, so Jagi-" and Jagi just interrupting him with an exasperated sigh.
It's a common thing among webcomic artists ... apperantly, being an artist is bad for your health !
Traditional artists starve for their work,
Webcomic artists face plague.
Pornographers are fated never to finish,
But photographers reach old age.
Kain Yusanagi
I think it has to do with typical artist methodology. It just doesn't mesh with late nights and cold days. Hope you get better soon!
I am an artist also; these past few months have been awful for respiratory illness for me--so I sure get it! Hope you're back to feeling fabulous soon.
Is that a wrap? No more? I thought this was a prelude to a more intimate congress.