Comic 460 - Ayata Pg 12
25th Feb 2014, 10:46 PM
Ayata Pg 12
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User comments:
Just like pinball, sometimes you need to tilt to score big.
I don't know whether to envy him or pity him. That's a tease of immense magnitude.
Well, he *did* ask to see her masturbate.
If he had wanted to get laid, he should have asked for that instead.
I don't feel comfortable watching her do this at all - innocence gone >_<
Personally, innocence for me was lost the day we found out about her powers. This isn't really anything compared to that.
Well if you want a non-psychic innocent girl, the blond in the new comic isn't psychic. I promise!
It has been mentioned that Ayata's a mother. Sexuality would be an aspect of her personality, just one we haven't seen previously.
Yeah, I feel as though her innocence was something of a guise, whether wholly intentional or not. She may have been friendly, naive, and diplomatic yet there was no acting when she was looking to go with team murder at the end; probably not much acting when she was talking with Strakh about torching a Unity world.

You don't get to keep your innocence through war, and she had already seen Unity attack her people -- and lost her daughters to them.
I'm reading "A practical guide to evil", where Matron means a female goblin ruler, and the way to be one is to be more murderous than the next goblin. You may mean something different, or related.
I was just going through comments and realized that i called this pairing waaaay before it happened.