Comic 46 - Wash
4th Sep 2012, 11:39 PM in Jungle
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Well, at least that guy who really wanted to see Ayata's boobs will be happy.

There's not really anything special about them.
User comments:
"The first time I killed him"? I'd like to see that story.

Also, I think people just wanted a look at alien anatomy.
It's not a very alien alien. BUT SHE HAS NO BELLY BUTTON. Eeeeeeeeeee how weird and creepy.
I'll go with a similar but slightly different answer.

Something new every day...
I believe you have hit upon the very thing. And Ayata is an amphibian analogue.
Technically, she's not an amphibian, because as I said, those are terms which only apply to Earth's genetic line. But, she is amphibian-like.
In that her species requires immersion in water for reproduction?
Do the their 'head flaps' perhaps serve to protect and keep moist the developing young?
Still an alien. WITH NO BELLY BUTTON :O

I am now assuming she hatched from an egg since the belly button's existence is related to the umbilical cord. :D
Purple flowers and wide eyes: the notorious sign of complete confusion. She's still so cute.
Traveling is a learning experience. Something new every day, sometimes every hour!
hmm color me curious shes a mammal? theres a lot of lizards that dont have belly buttons too..
... She's not a mammal, but none of them are. "Mammal" is a classification for earth creatures.
Right .. but is she a warm blooded endo thermic life form... *winks*
Somehow the punchline reminded me of a few similar situations involving novice computer users and lots of laborious work.

Thanks for giving me a laugh view!
Didn't really think it would be funny enough for a laugh, but I'm glad you liked it.
The "special" part about them is that they are boobies. They don't have to be special for my to enjoy seeing them.

I'm a fan of the way you draw nudity, especially the way you draw Ayata.
Something vaguely familiar about it.
Like a taller and more slender Miwa with more of a teal skin color and an adorably naive personality.

I agree with klondike as well. The pause of panel 5 into the "A what?" on panel 6 as she stands there completely nude made me laugh a little.
I just happen to really like blue aliens... preferably nude ones with a humanoid form.
From another planet where washing machines are yet to be invented comes the ovoviviparous and nude... ayata.
Woo-hoo! Now if only something could come along and steal that laundry...

Anyway... Solid page, View. I really like how you gave depth and folds to the hanging yellow cloak. and I have to agree that the pause with the pink flowers was actually quite an amusing gag.
... She never had any hair. There were some of her species introduced that did have very intricate flange art, though.
I love the look on Ayata's face on panel 5. It's like "Processing... please wait".
I get it. It just makes for an adorable loading screen picture is what I meant.
Perhaps the Hei practice synchronized swimming as a religious rite.
:D boobies!

Also, this give me the impression that her race? is tech suppressed.
I can think of some real life analogues to that.
It's more that they just didn't develop any technology. There are a variety of reasons, such as a lack of metal and never having invented clear glass.
Ohh, also, did she just hang wet clothes on a power line?

If so, I hope its insulation hasn't broken down.
Ayata's race, the Hei, is technologically still quite innocent.
If they supposedly don't give live birth (Ayata's race that is), due to the lack of a belly button. . . then why does she appear to have the female genitalia? @_@