Comic 457 - Ayata Pg 9
18th Feb 2014, 9:51 PM
Ayata Pg 9
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I don't care about popularity much, but it was a kick to see both my comics in the "most popular" list for a bit.

Still, the new comic has inherited only a fraction of my old readers. I guess that's the way it goes.
User comments:
If it makes you feel better view, your going to be stuck with me for quite a while longer. Loving the look of the new comic. Splitting between black and white, and color is a pretty neat. BTW did you mention that part of the new comic would be in 3d or where those models on your hub for something else?

P.S awesome pervy page :3
No, the choice was either a game or a comic. The art was for a game.
I realy like the expressions on the last row.
Kain Yusanagi
might help if you posted the link to your new work on the front page. It's only on a few pages towards the end, to my knowledge.
Kain Yusanagi
Also, just wanted to say, since we seem to be elucidating on when we started following along: Sadly I wasn't there all along with NMtG, but I did find Cheer, devoured it, almost immediately found NMtG, devoured it, then followed along to here right at the beginning few pages and have been here ever since (even if I don't read EVERY day). :D
I think it's partially a matter of genre shift, partially a matter of people who prefer to read stuff that already has a lot of pages. I mean I like your stuff and your new comic is interesting... but for now it's just a few pages and it's mostly talking/character development/introduction.
Whooooops. I am ashamed to admit i am one of the reasons why. Subscribed to the hub, but not to the scrub diving comic itself, it seems.

Might be I'm not the only one who has made this mistake.
I'll be posting on the hub comic soon, now that it's in color.
I wonder how many carried over from Never Mind the Gap to Space Pulp ?
That's an interesting question. View?
You need to advertise / promote your comics more!
The means by which I discovered your comics was circuitous at best.
I don't want a big audience, I'm just always surprised at the low retention.
I've read Cheer, NMtG, SP, and now I"m gunna read SD :D
Is it low at first perhaps with a quick ramp-up? I just wonder because it took me a week or two before I found my way over to Scrub diving. I had the 'comic' bookmarked that you were posting renderings of shark to and since I'd stopped reading your porny ending I didn't catch the link to scrub diving somehow.
coc>hentai foundry>cheer>/co/>nevermind the gap as space pulp was starting>space pulp half way through
I doubt its a low retention rate, I just never clicked the subscribe/follow/whatever button there is.
Yeah, I didn't click that button until recently either.

My browser has this thing called a Favorite Button .... I guess I'm just oldfashioned.
Never fear. There are a select few of us that will follow you and watch you everywhere. ALWAYS. :3
The theme song for Aya's Porny bit, esp. pg 8:

I've been here since Cheer! Your stuff is too good not to stalk.
rainbows 1701
I haven't been reading your new comic, but I will when this one stops updating! I've been reading since NMtG too, your art and stories are quite good (if not a touch confusing at times)
Well, View, pencil me in as a daily visitor since Cheer!
Certainly reading your new comic. You're a good tale teller.
i am a continuing reader since I found NMtG. I plan on keeping up with any work you do.
I think I found View's comics when he was alread about a third into NMTG, though the first comic I came across was the Cheers comic on some random imageboard.

A few google searches later and I had found his new comic and I've stuck around since because I like his characters. :)
I found View's work because I found a single page of cheer on the internet. I forget where, maybe gelbooru?

Thank you Google Image Search.