Comic 454 - Lewd
15th Feb 2014, 1:20 AM
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Here's the beginning of the very lewd part.
User comments:
The flick of the tongue is very neat.

Kellem is a lucky lad. :)
The things I would do/give up to be in Kellem's position right now.
This is the most well written porn I've ever read (not comparing it to your other works - but other authors instead.) one can't not compare View's works to just doesn't work.
definitely the best porn comic writer in my book
I'm curious how the ring fits on webbed fingers. I'm a terrible reader for asking T-T. Also View is incredible and wonderful.
I know this issue was addressed earlier in the comic (first half, I think)..
Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. Is it a piercing with a connecting C-ring, or is the ring a pair of half-rings with a magnetic clasp? Oh wait, was there some porny bits in this one, I got totally distracted? XP
That's exactly correct Malcadon.
That's how View explained the ring in the comment section of an earlier comic.

Well, I'm not sure he specified magnets, per se ... could be a mechanical clasp too.
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That's the light sword handle? What if she finely gets it to work? He'll be ribbons.