Comic 453 - A Bit Aggressive
13th Feb 2014, 9:14 PM
A Bit Aggressive
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Author Notes:
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This sort of aggressive behavior is a whole lot easier when you can read people's minds.

Don't forget to pop over to my new comic. It doesn't look like much yet. I may have been a bit stupid to make the first pages the least interesting ones. DUR.
User comments:
All of my YES! I have been waiting for 450 pages for this to happen.
Indeed, this new Ayata is very compelling. :)

The look on her face in the 6th panel is awesome. :)
I see she's adapting to her mind powers now.
Says interesting things about her species society.
Oohhh, this side of Ayata is... sexy. That look on her face...

So now, the question is. . . is she going to actually just masturbate for him. . . or sit on him~
This may have been re-enacted in real life just a few hours ago. XD
Actually, he's kinda horisontally oriented right now. :D
Look out, dude! She has a swordy-sword peplica, and she is not afraid to use it! ;p
"This sort of aggressive behavior is a whole lot easier when you can read people's minds."

She can make him an offer she knows he can't refuse. ;-)

BTW, are you going to post the "Porny Bit" on Hentai Foundry, too? I pretty sure it would be appreciated by your followers over there.
I'm one of them!
Haha, Kellem is like an eager kid.

I imagine that outside of a "porny bit" such as this, the pair of them would be quite bashful about approaching such an encounter.
Ol' top forgot to bring the floaty camera. Such a wasted opportunity for some great reporting!

For shame.