Comic 452 - Not So Interrupted
13th Feb 2014, 12:29 AM
Not So Interrupted
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User comments:
"This was supposed to be an unlisted wall."
You'd think there would be a way to to lock those elevators for bathy private times like that. :P
Do the Minigiraffes even have a concept of private/public ?
Danger wasp
I guess she's gonna learn her lesson for cleaning in the public sector~
Well, for all we know, she's an exibishionist.
Best laid plans and all that. :)
I have read Never Mind the Gap and this pretty much non-stop. I love your work! I also love the following and their commentary! I'm looking forward to your new projects, and perhaps I can join your fellowship of commentators :)
Welcome indeed, and don't worry, we don't bite ... we mostly just slobber a bit on your shoes. :D