Comic 449 - Porny Bit Cover
9th Feb 2014, 9:17 PM
Porny Bit Cover
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User comments:
And thus, Jagi's porn emporium started, making millions of Swordy-Sword replicas to Iridium Lake's *moaning* hordes of fans. It was an instant best-seller, second only to the Iridium bobble-head figurine. :D
And offcourse splitters ... he sold so, so many splitters, for super high prices !

Other popular items were the was a bumper sticker saying "If you can read this - The future is near." and the ever so popular spotlight lamp known as the Million Miles Wide-lamp, it was quite powerful.
Well, it's easy to sell porn toys to Poison Monkeys. They spend a lot of time stuck on space ships.
Lies. The most popular seller was the couch replica.
Getcher replica dildos of Dragon King's dragon prince! Made from a mold taken while Iri was doing the Space Mine Dance naked in front of him! (It's a Poison Monkey cultural touchstone.)
I had a bizarre porn fantasy and somehow it became reality, dreams literally can come true!
I really do hope Kellem shows up in this! I am almost as excited for him being in a porny bit as I am for Ayata!