Comic 446 - Hei Language
6th Feb 2014, 8:53 PM
Hei Language
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Author Notes:
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Here are some notes I made on the Hei/Carix language.

You can pop over to and keep up with what's next.
User comments:
It was supposed to be a secret!?

Nah, there's nothing particularly intelligent about drawing stuff like this. It's just fun.
Heh, I think he is referring to the fact that you can draw...

Plot, story-tell, characterize and world-build like a mofo...

Know enough about science to act as a (good) futurist...

But now you can also linguist enough to go all Tolkein, and design several languages INCLUDING sound types and writing styles.

Plus whatever you do for a living!

P.S. Oh yeah, I forgot that you can also do very good, sex positive, porn.
The characters is what matters.
They are why I keep coming back for more.

Heck, even your porny stuff has good characters.
Seconding the characters! They're what made me keep looking for more of View's work after Cheer.
I think the most interesting part is that... mmmh, how to put it. In a sense, we readers are always in a position of wanting. Both characters and story are more or less a glimpse in their life (probably at a particularly significant moment of their life, although not necessarily). Like, take for example Iri. This is her story, and she's the main character. But we really get the impression she is a well lived character, who at some point had to leave her planet because an event happened, who lived and trained at the Temple, who then spent a lot of time wandering the galaxy with Jagi doing her job because that's what she did, and had, at some point, an affair with the pirate king, for some reason, who left him pretty bitter. In a sense, it's like we know there's a 90% of unwritten story about her, and about the plot here, and a 10% of story we actually know. We can more or less guess what was going on with final boss, but we mostly just imagined it. NMTG also had similar plot hooks and implied things all around.
She melted the flesh off his face.

I think he'd be a little bitter about it.