Comic 445 - Last
5th Feb 2014, 5:58 PM in Poison
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The last page.

A few pages of extras, then some porn.

If you're wondering what next, I've created a comic so you can keep track of what I'm up to. It's at
User comments:
Danger wasp
thank you. I am a fan of your art and stories and hope to see more from you ;3;
Looks like they picked out an "Ayata" with ample butt.
I suspect that it is ayata, showing off her goods. :)
It's been a hell of a ride sir, even if I only arrived for the very end of it. Very much looking forward to following the new one from the get-go.
View. I would like to request more porny stuff. You're just to good at it.
Heh, don't need much encouragement regarding porny stuff, huh ? :)
Uh, I don't really understand the choice to make this sketchy and black and white, since it seems to be in-universe stuff.
Hey, did we ever really find out why Iri blocked her memory port?